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Merchant credit card processing is a very complicated business that most merchants don't understand because no one has explained to them how it works. That is where we come in.

As an independent agent for First Financial U.S.A. based in Minneapolis, MN we pride ourselves on honest and ethical business practices backed by personal customer service. We do not simply sign you up as a merchant and then leave you to wonder what to do.

From the first time we talk to you we will be explaining how this business works and what to expect. Unlike our competitors we WANT you to be an informed customer so that you are not wondering what you are getting charged for.

We are your headquarters for numerous paper supply products. Basically anything that comes in a roll, ATM paper, receipt paper, credit card terminal paper etc, we can get for you at significantly reduced prices.

Because of our contract with several paper warehouses we can eliminate the middle step in getting you many different types of paper. This elimination of that one or two extra people marking up the product means a reduced cost to you.

So no matter what type of rolled paper you need let us know and we'll be happy to give you a free price quote.

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